Yule in winterland

God jul (merry Christmas) from Norway! 🙂 Here, Christmas marks the darkest day of the year and the beginning of the return of the sun. This occasion is celebrated over several days, beginning with Lillejulaften (little Christmas) on the 23rd to 1. and 2. juledagen (first and second days of Christmas) on the 26th, then to romjulen, the period between Christmas and new year. Here is a little peek at our week:

On the 22nd, we gathered to eat risgrøt, Norwegian rice pudding traditionally consumed at Christmas. Typically, whoever finds an almond in his bowl wins a marzipan pig. Our family has taken this one step further by having an annual Grøtkrig (rice pudding war), a much more thrilling game involving homemade Grøtkrig cards, dramatic trades, and as many as forty almonds.


Eirik and I hosted our family for Lillejulaften with a 5-course dinner and little presents for everyone under the tree. What do you think of our new chandelier? 😉

On Christmas eve (24th), most families in Norway have pinnekjøtt or ribbe for dinner. Our family prefers the latter, so we have a different family dinner with pinnekjøtt before Christmas. While we ate, our loyal dog guarded the presents. She was very anxious to open them!


After dinner, we gathered in the living room to drink coffee, eat dessert, and open presents. As you can see, there were cakes, ice cream, marzipan balls, cookies, and chocolates – a whole meal consisting of little sweet treats.

Hope you all have a lovely holiday season and a fantastic new year! 🙂


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