A breath of fresh air

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an event at Undorn, the atelier of designer Karina Titze in Hegdehaugsveien. I think that the house’s philosophy (as follows) is quite sublime:

Undorn is old world elegance with a bold new approach, shamelessly picking and mixing from different periods in history. Undorn has a sharp and contemporary expression. All facets of the female spirit is channeled through Undorn’s creations to allow a woman to be both soft and alluring at the same time.

With the release of new collections that just seem to try to top the outrageous scale without much regard for actual style, it was a nice relief to find that boutiques like Undorn still exist.

I got to try on some really awesome pieces, like this little black dress:

On mannequin: Wrap dress
On me: Symphia dress
On model: Adria W dress, leaf belt

She’s so tall! 😮

It was really cool to take some sneak peeks inside a designer’s inspiration board and upcoming pieces!

I will definitely make a stop at Undorn the next time I need a gown!


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