The Polo Bar

Dining at the Polo Bar

It is no secret that I love Ralph Lauren, so it should be no surprise that I took the opportunity to dine at The Polo Bar in New York City last month! 😉 The restaurant is, true to its name, decorated floor-to-ceiling with equestrian paintings and polo memorabilia that invoke the sporting lifestyle long synonymous with the brand. Combined with amber lighting, this creates an ambient atmosphere that is casual and intimate, yet undeniably elegant and refined.

Polo memorabilia at The Polo Bar

What truly stood out in the dining experience was the exceptional service. The waitstaff, naturally dressed in Ralph Lauren, did not hesitate to answer any questions we had and attended to our needs swiftly.

The Polo Bar menu
The Polo Bar bread and butter
The Polo Bar burger

If you are looking for a unique, unquestionably American dining experience, visit The Polo Bar (reservations recommended). Located in the heart of Manhattan, it is just minutes away from Central Park and Fifth Avenue.


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