The beauty of ballet

Etoile ballet gala

I have loved ballet for as long as I remember. I am mesmerised by the dancers gracefully flying across the stage. Their projection of beauty and elegance instills a profound admiration and spiritual joy in me. Do you get this feeling too when watching ballet?

I think that the beauty of ballet is best expressed by Ayn Rand:

The keynote of the stylization achieved in ballet is: weightlessness. Paradoxically, ballet presents man as almost disembodied: it does not distort man’s body, it selects the kinds of movements that are normally possible to man (such as walking on tiptoe) and exaggerates them, stressing their beauty—and defying the law of gravitation. A gracefully effortless floating, flowing and flying are the essentials of the ballet’s image of man. It projects a fragile kind of strength and a certain inflexible precision, but it is man with a fine steel skeleton and without flesh, man the spirit, not controlling, but transcending this earth . . .

Strong passions or negative emotions cannot be projected in ballet, regardless of its librettos; it cannot express tragedy or fear—or sexuality; it is a perfect medium for the expression of spiritual love.

Today, watch the livestream of the athleticism and dedication involved in life at the world’s top ballet companies here:

My favourite ballet must be one of Tchaikovsky’s (Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, or Sleeping Beauty), but it is hard for me to choose one! 😮 Let me know what your favourite ballet is in the comments below!


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