Tale as old as time

Beauty and the Beast at Colosseum Kino

Yesterday, Eirik and I saw Beauty & the Beast at Colosseum Kino. The cinema was decorated with themed objects like floating roses and the workers even dressed up as characters from the movie.

Rose wall for Beauty and the Beast
Floating roses

The showing was sold out, so the theatre was quite packed. This did not make the experience any less enjoyable, though, because the seats were very comfortable and the only thing that can be improved is to have drink holders and slightly wider armrests.

Inside Colosseum Kino

I watched the movie in 3D and really would have preferred to have done without, since the movie was so beautifully done that the 3D effects became superfluous.

Emma Watson was truly perfect for the role of Belle! I liked that the character was portrayed as a strong, intelligent woman without losing touch of her femininity. Belle is the heroine every woman should aspire to be: beautiful and smart.

Have a great weekend, dear readers!


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