Snapshots from Stavanger

Hope you are all having a fabulous week! 🙂 As promised, here are some pictures and thoughts from my trip to Stavanger 😉

View of Stavanger from Valbergtårnet (Valberg tower)

Stavanger is a compact, coastal city. The water lends an atmosphere of leisure to the city and provides a calming presence as you walk around the shops and restaurants.

Swans in Stavanger city centre
Colourful buildings in Stavanger city centre

You can get a great view of the town and harbour from Valbergtårnet (Valberg tower). Strategically situated on a hilltop at the centre of the city, the tower was where watchmen would keep a lookout for fires and alert the townspeople. Now, it is home to the Watchmen’s Museum.

Valbergtårnet in Stavanger
Cannons outside Valbergtårnet in Stavanger

Stavanger is known as the oil capital of Norway. The lucrative petroleum and energy sector attract people from around the world to this region, resulting in a multicultural city. Because of this strong connection to oil, the Norwegian Oil Museum is located here.

Norwegian Oil Museum
View from the Norwegian Oil Museum in Stavanger
View from the Norwegian Oil Museum in Stavanger

Things to keep in mind:

  • The west coast of Norway is notorious for rain and Stavanger is no exception. Be ready for your umbrella to break (as mine did) in the strong wind.
  • You have to strongly indicate that you want to take a bus. The driver will not slow down if you do not wave to him as soon as you see the bus approach the stop.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

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