Pinnekjøtt, traditional Norwegian “stick meat”

December in Norway means many Christmas parties, from extravagant ones with colleagues to more intimate ones with friends and family. Yesterday, we had pinnekjøtt, a traditional Christmas dinner for many Norwegians. It is typically enjoyed with aquavit, but this year, our family opted for some Pinot Gris from Alsace instead. Pinnekjøtt directly translates into “stick meat” in English and consists of ribs of lamb or mutton that have been salted and dried, served with boiled potatoes and kohlrabi. You can also put some sweet mustard on top for additional flavour.


It is truly nice to spend time with family during this time of the year, and especially so when there is good food and drinks to keep the conversations flowing 🙂 I had a jolly good time!

What do you typically have for Christmas dinner? Let me know in the comments 😉 Have a splendid week ahead!



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