Lyngdal, a quiet town

Lyngdal is a small town on the southwestern coast of Norway. In the summer, it is bustling with tourists who come to enjoy the resorts and beaches. For the remainder of the year, its revenue mainly comes from agriculture and wood processing.

I was very excited for my first road trip in Norway. Cars are almost a necessity in the US, so being in Europe makes me realise how much I liked being able to drive anywhere I wanted and how much I miss driving. The journey from Oslo to Lyngdal is six hours, but it was quite comfortable in our rental Mercedes.

Yesterday, I took a stroll out to the town centre and found some of Lyngdal’s infamous cows. Apparently, the local breed of cows (lyngdalsku) is famous throughout Norway!

For dinner, we had some very delicious steak and burger!

Always matching 😉

Despite the rain, Lyngdal is a nice place to kick back and relax. We are staying at Rosfjord Strandhotell, which has a great view of the coast. It makes me miss the California beaches and sunshine!


When the fog clears, the view becomes much lovelier.


Have a great week, dear readers! 🙂


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