Friday night with Anne Lindmo

Yesterday, Eirik and I took his mother to see Lindmo, a popular Norwegian talk show. It was interesting to be part of the audience while the show was filmed (to be aired today). The host, Anne Lindmo, was quite charming and funny; the guests she had were very diverse.

Anne Lindmo

Lindmo interviewed comedian Thomas Giertsen, who was then met by hypochondriac expert Ingvard Wilhelmsen. Following them came Tobias “Emma” Ellingsen, a boy with some serious identity issues. The show concluded with pop artist Mugisho, a young boy from Congo who moved to Oslo and was offered a recording contract with Warner Music just two hours after he submitted a song to them! Mugisho performed “Play With You” and was joined by his entire family, who gave me some serious #FamilyGoals.

Mugisho on NRK Lindmo
Mugisho on NRK Lindmo

It was a nice way to spend Friday night and I learned a little more about Norwegian culture 🙂


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