Fram, the polar conqueror

Fram Museum in Oslo, Norway

Fram is the strongest wooden ship ever built and was used on three important expeditions: with Fridtjof Nansen on a drift over the Arctic Ocean, 1893-96; with Otto Sverdrup to the Nunavut region of Canada, 1898-1902; and with Roald Amundsen to Antarctica for his South Pole expedition, 1910-12. She still holds the records for having sailed farthest north and farthest south of any ships.

Fram, the polar conqueror
Onboard Fram

Now, Fram is the main exhibition at Frammuseet (Fram Museum) in Oslo, where you can explore the three floors of the ship and learn how the crew survived in the Arctic and the Antarctic, then test how you would fare in the long, arduous journey with the numerous interactive displays around the ship.

Polar bear at Frammuseet

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