Burgers and shopping

Yay for the weekend! Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy 🙂

My weekend began with dinner at Illegal Burger, which many people call the best burger place in Norway. The joint was very crowded and much smaller than I had expected, but we managed to snag a seat.

Burgers and fries from Illegal Burger
The Hot Mamma Deluxe burger
The “Hot Mamma Deluxe”
Enjoying my delicious Gourmet burger
Enjoying my delicious “Gourmet” burger

After dinner at Illegal Burger, we headed to Lambertseter Senter and checked out the various shops before going to Cortezzi‘s 6th birthday celebration. There was a red carpet and lots of champagne – just how we like to do shopping 😉

Cortezzi's birthday celebration at Lamberseter Senter

We bought some shirts and received a goodie bag! I really liked the atmosphere (and the champagne, of course). Overall, it was a great start to the weekend 🙂 Let me know what your weekend plans are in the comments below!


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