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Yesterday, Eirik and I hosted our first guests for tea. I have been dreaming of having guests over for tea for a long time, so I was very excited. As you can see, our theme is stars, stripes, and gold. We naturally wanted to have lots of Americana things and when I found these awesome dessert plates from H&M, we just had to go with gold everything else from there 😉 I think they go very nicely together!

Dessert plates: H&M
Teaspoons: Lagerhaus
Teacups and saucers: Kremmerhuset
Sofa: Jotex

We spent a long time deciding on what we should serve before settling on salmon crostinis and brownies. We tried to make the crostinis look like one of the ones on the package and I would say that we succeeded 🙂 They will be our go-to tea dish from now on.

Have a great week, dear readers! 🙂


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