7 things to do in San Francisco

The nicknames “The Paris of the West” and “Fog City” capture San Francisco quite nicely. A popular tourist destination, the city offers a wide range of things to do and sights to see, from steep rolling hills to iconic bridges and historical buildings. Whether you are there for the food or the ocean view, be sure to do these:

1. See the Golden Gate Bridge

Easily the most iconic bridge in the US, the Golden Gate Bridge is practically synonymous with the city of San Francisco. You can see the bridge from many places in the city, but my favourite spots are from Vista Point (in Sausalito across the bridge from the city) and from Baker Beach.

Golden Gate Bridge
The view from Vista Point
Baker Beach
The view from Baker Beach

2. Watch chocolate being made at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

I love chocolate, so of course one of my favourite spots in San Francisco is the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Here, you can buy all kinds of wonderful chocolate creations, from truffles to ice cream to milkshakes! Ever wonder how chocolate is made? You can watch all the action here as well.

Chocolate production at Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

Chocolate production at Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

3. Visit the Musée Mécanique at Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is famous for its San Francisco sourdough bread bowl clam chowder, but I personally prefer to check out the antique arcade machines inside the Musée Mécanique. There is no entrance fee, but you may want to bring out all the quarters you have 😉

4. View a performance at the War Memorial Opera House

The War Memorial Opera House is home to the world-renowned San Francisco Ballet and San Francisco Opera, so be sure to see one of their amazing classical performances!

San Francisco Opera

San Francisco Opera

5. Take a tour of San Francisco City Hall

Seen in many wedding pictures, the San Francisco City Hall is spectacular day or night.

San Francisco City Hall

6. Check out the exhibitions at the Legion of Honor

A beautiful Beaux-arts building in San Francisco’s Lincoln Park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, the Legion of Honor houses an impressive collection of ancient and European art.

Legion of Honor

A selfie with Raphael’s “Portrait of a Lady with a Unicorn” 😉

7. Take a stroll around the Palace of Fine Arts

Inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the Palace of Fine Arts features a grand rotunda with curved colonnades in an idyllic park setting. It is home to many forms of wildlife, including swans, ducks, and turtles.

Palace of Fine Arts

BONUS: Look at the city from above

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